Book Review: Origin by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Title: Origin (Lux #4)
Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal, Science Fiction
Release Date: 27th August 2013
Book Blurb from Goodreads:
Daemon will do anything to get Katy back.
After the successful but disastrous raid on Mount Weather, he’s facing the impossible. Katy is gone. Taken. Everything becomes about finding her. Taking out anyone who stands in his way? Done. Burning down the whole world to save her? Gladly. Exposing his alien race to the world? With pleasure.
All Katy can do is survive.
Surrounded by enemies, the only way she can come out of this is to adapt. After all, there are sides of Daedalus that don’t seem entirely crazy, but the group’s goals are frightening and the truths they speak even more disturbing. Who are the real bad guys? Daedalus? Mankind? Or the Luxen?
Together, they can face anything.
But the most dangerous foe has been there all along, and when the truths are exposed and the lies come crumbling down, which side will Daemon and Katy be standing on?
And will they even be together?
As I said... I do believe Jennifer L. Armentrout seriously hates us a lot. LMAO. And yeah, I am just kidding but hey, I'm just expressing myself. I was just saying (no I don't hate you JLA! I love you for bringing Daemon to life!)  it because I was left hanging there! I was like "OMG, what will happen now? Turn it to next page!" Then when I did, I see that friggin' ACKNOWLEDGEMENT making the book or the story TO BE CONTINUED until the next book. I mean, WTH, right?! >.<

Origin. Origin was so kick ass. Daemon was kick ass. Katy was kick ass. Everyone was kick ass. The book was so full of action, emotion and other things. No moment was dull. Every page shows strong emotions that made me teary eyed. Always teary eyed. I commend Armentrout for making me feel all those things in a book. I feel the fear of Katy, the rage, the love for Daemon. I could all feel it all the way into my bones. Call me cheesy but that was what I felt the time I was reading it.

Daemon was, how should I say it? Showy? If he's such a douche bag in other books, well, in this one, it was lessen but Daemon showed us different side of him in emotional level, if you get what I mean. I don't think what I am about to say is a spoiler because I do believe that we all know Daemon. He wouldn't leave Katy behind. He wouldn't let Daedalus have Katy and leave her all alone in there even if Katy doesn't want Daemon to save her. But we all know that what's going to happen before we start this book, right?

What the big deal about this all was that how would Daemon and Katy survived this problem, what was inside Daedalus, what it's all about, and how will they save themselves? Origin was definitely the best book in the series, action wise that is. There are lots of twists presented, you will never get bored by it... And I must definitely warn you, it will LEAVE YOU HANGING.

But all in all? I love the book. Yeah, nuff said. :)


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