Review: What Kills Me

What Kills Me
What Kills Me by Wynne Channing

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Will do the review on Saturday or something. I need to sleep early now cause I'll go out tomorrow by 4am. :o
UPDATE: 12.09.12 Got an exclusive interview with Wynne Channing. It's up in my blog: Ramblings of a YA Reader.

I don't know what to say! OMG. This book doesn't have any boring moments, in my opinion! From the start, What Kills Me, surprised me with how the story progressed, the twists were really exciting and unexpected. One moment, it was like this and then, bam the story would go the other way you thought of. And it was really freakin' good! It was a fun read and brilliantly made.

I thought at the first chapters, it would suck and because I thought it was Paolo who's her partner. So I was shocked when Paolo said and did that to Zee. The author gave my mind some teasing! LOL. I really, really didn't expect that one! From then on, I was hooked. I was craving to know more. So when Axelia or Zee met new people and those people especially Noel wants to protect her, I feel like crying when they need to go now because the Aramatta (am I right about this one's spelling?) was coming for Zee. :(

And oh, that Obaia? I think I got that one right. Cause I don't feel really comfortable when they talk to her. I feel like she's too good to be true. And damn it, I was right. oh yeah, I thought I like the Empress. Then I don't. :p Then I think I'm gonna start liking her once again. :)

I like Lucas. Well, who doesn't like him? He's a bit of a jerk. But jerk guys when they started to like you, they are sweet. It's just an outer shell, their mask to hide their emotions. So yeah, love him.

My only problem with it was that there're lots of fade out scenes. I mean, not sex scenes, cause there's no sex scene as of yet. I want to see how they practice, like with Lucas' Obaia, or how Lucas trained Zee. I want to see how they would DO it. But it was not included and just treated like they already finished the training.

What Kills Me is a fast-paced book that I thought that it was not a series and just a stand alone. But the author confirmed to me that it will be a series and that she's currently doing the second book! Hurray!!! More Lucas! So I was wondering what would happen next? What will be Channing's new tricks for our mind now? ;)

Also, I love the fighting scenes! Zee's an awesome, kick-ass character!

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Review: Pegasus and the Origins of Olympus (Pegasus, #4).

Pegasus and the Origins of Olympus (Pegasus, #4).
Pegasus and the Origins of Olympus (Pegasus, #4). by Kate O'Hearn

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

First half... WHAT. THE. I hate JP for making me read this book... Just saying cause he knows that I'll end up crying because of this book. >:( Isn't he so mean?

First off, Emily finally discovered what she really is. She's not an Olympian nor a human. She is the last Xan. Xans are powerful creatures. And gentle, they are helping different worlds found in the Solar Stream. They help the people who live in the dying worlds and get them a place in Xanadu.

Second, when that problem arises, I was so devastated... Just like I said I hated JP for making me read this book. :( I cried because of Jupiter and all of the Olympians. I even want to hate the author for doing this to me, us readers. :( And Pegasus! OMG. Pegasus, sweet stallion, Pegasus. :( Ah, this is really a hard one when you became attach to the characters.

Third, CRU is so freakin' annoying and repetitive that I just want this book to end when they showed up again. I was like "Why is it so long?! End it now please!" Why oh why did they have to be in here? >:( I seriously debated with myself if I should finish this book because of the damned CRU.

Fourth, EMILY IS SO FREAKIN' ANNOYING THE HECK OUT OF ME. I know that she got those problems and worry and all that crap but please! You do not have the right to become an arrogant girl or whatever just because you feel pressured and hopeless. Gah! It was so annoying reading Emily go insane and supernova.

That scene with Stella? When they first saw each other? I wanted to smack Emily down for being such a bitch. She could ask nicely! I know there's a lot of stake, but girl! Where're your manners! Your daddy taught you better than that. ARGH! Stupid little insolent girl! >:( BUT as much as Emily being infuriating, she's also loyal to the core. That's a good thing with her.

I love Young Jupe! :) He makes me blush too. LOL. :P And finally! I am done and yes, it did have it's happy ending! Hurray! I don't know if I love it, cause there's the annoying part. But I liked it enough. ;) And I like Agent B now.

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Review: Wallbanger

Wallbanger by Alice Clayton

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Enjoying it. :) OMG. Clive is awesome! LOL. That last part is funny. The one that got away... :D

Will do a review after I finished Opal. ;)

3.5 stars and rounded up!

I really did enjoyed reading it for the most part. From the start it was funny. And I could totally imagine her hearing all that noise at the other side of that wall. I laughed at Clive when he heard the "meow" thingy and then he attacked jumped that wall and scratch it trying to join them at the other side. :D

That is so freakin' hilarious plus when Clive finally met Purina. :P He was like "Purrrreeeeennnnyyyaaaa..." And he ran after the poor girl. That one was so EPIC in so MANY LEVELS that I can't get over it. Really, Clive, I wonder how did he know that THAT girl was Purina. From her voice? Maybe. All I am saying is that I want my OWN CLIVE. :P

So yes, it certainly had boring moments. And that sex scene? OMG. It's so freakin long. LOL. That part in Caroline's apartment? Ugh. I was like, please stop it already. I know you had your O back but I don't need to suffer from reading all that sex again and again and again. And talking while sexing? By talking I mean, like that normal talk/discussion... Er... Yeah...

But as I have said, I did enjoy it because their banter is so great and the chemistry is good too. Plus of course, there's Clive who really made a difference. :P And that last part? Where it's Clive POV?? I just had to laugh at the last line... The one that got away... :D

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