Review: What Kills Me

What Kills Me
What Kills Me by Wynne Channing

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Will do the review on Saturday or something. I need to sleep early now cause I'll go out tomorrow by 4am. :o

I don't know what to say! OMG. This book doesn't have any boring moments, in my opinion! From the start, What Kills Me, surprised me with how the story progressed, the twists were really exciting and unexpected. One moment, it was like this and then, bam the story would go the other way you thought of. And it was really freakin' good! It was a fun read and brilliantly made.

I thought at the first chapters, it would suck and because I thought it was Paolo who's her partner. So I was shocked when Paolo said and did that to Zee. The author gave my mind some teasing! LOL. I really, really didn't expect that one! From then on, I was hooked. I was craving to know more. So when Axelia or Zee met new people and those people especially Noel wants to protect her, I feel like crying when they need to go now because the Aramatta (am I right about this one's spelling?) was coming for Zee. :(

And oh, that Obaia? I think I got that one right. Cause I don't feel really comfortable when they talk to her. I feel like she's too good to be true. And damn it, I was right. oh yeah, I thought I like the Empress. Then I don't. :p Then I think I'm gonna start liking her once again. :)

I like Lucas. Well, who doesn't like him? He's a bit of a jerk. But jerk guys when they started to like you, they are sweet. It's just an outer shell, their mask to hide their emotions. So yeah, love him.

My only problem with it was that there're lots of fade out scenes. I mean, not sex scenes, cause there's no sex scene as of yet. I want to see how they practice, like with Lucas' Obaia, or how Lucas trained Zee. I want to see how they would DO it. But it was not included and just treated like they already finished the training.

What Kills Me is a fast-paced book that I thought that it was not a series and just a stand alone. But the author confirmed to me that it will be a series and that she's currently doing the second book! Hurray!!! More Lucas! So I was wondering what would happen next? What will be Channing's new tricks for our mind now? ;)

Also, I love the fighting scenes! Zee's an awesome, kick-ass character!

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Review: Pegasus and the New Olympians

Pegasus and the New Olympians
Pegasus and the New Olympians by Kate O'Hearn

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A well deserved 4.5 stars and rounded it up! OMG. I got teary eyed. :o That last part with Jupiter and Emily? I can feel Emily's compassion and well, it got me teary eyed.

I didn't know I would like Alexis the Sphinx too. She's so wise and well, she's also strong and loyal. I didn't even got all her riddles correctly. LMAO. My guessed at the last one was SUN. :D LOL, even Frankie the kid can answer it. I skipped the "like a diamond" part.

Emily Jacobs' power is still growing as days go by. This book was about the CRU (as always) now clowning the Olympians. Emily and friends went back to Earth to see the clone of Pegasus without Jupiter knowing it. And the story progress in Earth, getting CRU's attention again when they got there. And ultimately trying to convince Jupiter not to turn the Solar Stream towards the Earth.

I like the Big Three. I like how Pluto's reasonable and how he still stays in Olympus unlike the other Myths saying that he's underground and all that. And he's not like the Pluto I imagined. Oh you know, Pluto is not really that nice Olympian as far as I have read at other books. So this one is a nice change.

I like the Nirads too. It's pretty cool to have them in the series and now they work together with the Olympians. Oh, I also love how the Olympians accepted the New Olympians and offered to take them to Olympus. It's nice there's no longer an animosity between them. But it's pretty weird to picture Dianas in Olympus. :o

I love this third book! Yay! I'm onto the fourth one soon. :)

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Review: A Shimmer of Angels

A Shimmer of Angels
A Shimmer of Angels by Lisa M. Basso

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I believe in Angels. And yes, Demons too. I still believe in my Guardian Angel even though I'm old enough for people to make fun of me believing them. But I do and I still pray at night, you know the kid's prayer:
"Angel of God, my Guardian dear, to whom His love commits me here, ever this day (or night) be at my side, to light and guard, to rule and guide.
I still pray that at night and I can't sleep if I didn't plus I get monsters in my dreams if I forgot to pray to my Guardian Angel. So you might be wondering why the heck am I telling all this things to you in my review?

Well, A Shimmer of Angels is about a girl who could see Angels and Demons. But the people around her thought that they are not real. There's no Angels or wings for that matter and she was taken straight to the loony bin. She was there for 3 years. Going in and out of the Mental Health Clinic. They thought she was insane, heck she thought she's losing it when she saw them yet again after months of being clear.

For the first part, I was a bit annoyed because of the MC talking to herself over and over and over again that she wouldn't go back to that place and that she can't slip up cause she knew her dad would throw her back to that MHC if he see some sign that might lead to being crazy again. And when she met Cam, ugh, she became doubly crazy. LOL. BUT it gets better, in my opinion and totally worth it.

I have all these questions in my mind that were not answered in the end but it left me craving for more. I want to know what would happen to the next book. I keep on thinking that she's a half-angel or something since it was what I read over the past Angel books I've read and that's it for the twist. But I don't know if I am wrong since Basso didn't tell me anything about it to solidify what I suspect instead she gave me another thing to thought of.

I can't say that I'm surprised at what happened to Ray at the latter part of the book and having that... I wanna know more so bad. I want to know more about her mother and what was the relationship her mother and Kade had.

Oh, I want Kade for her. Cause Cam is still an Angel and I don't think he is determined, if ever to Fall for Ray. So I want Kade!!! Kade is the bad boy we girls love. Say NO to good boys. LOL. :P

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Review: The Girl in the Wall

The Girl in the Wall
The Girl in the Wall by Daphne Benedis-Grab

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

First of all, I don't have any idea - even a slightest one - what this book is all about. I openly admitted a long time ago that I am a cover snob. I add books based on their covers and I really don't read the blurbs (sometimes I read, but most of the time NOT). So when I got this one, I really love the cover, it's pretty but yes, I don't have ANY idea that this book is about a birthday party gone wrong.

I don't even know what to say about this. Well, okay, the story is good although it is not my type of book, really. I don't really dig Mystery or Suspense Contemporary stories. But I must say that it is interesting, just a bit long. Oh, I know who is the culprit when I reach about 50% or something. I know who staged all that stuffs.I didn't even suspect the person they thought of. I don't know HOW I know, it's just the feeling. Maybe I've watched too much Sherlock Holmes.

The development of the characters are okay. But I'm a bit sad about what happened to Nico. I am not sure how to tell things about this book since it really is not my cup of tea. But yes, I did finished it. I would recommend this book to people who likes Mystery and Suspense and a bit slow paced book.

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Review: What I Didn't Say

What I Didn't Say
What I Didn't Say by Keary Taylor

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Wow. Just. Wow. I'm speechless. Again. I don't read the summary, so I don't know what this one is all about when I started reading it. But there's something that captured my interest in the beginning of the book. I can't quite name it but I know that I should read it all.

I was devastated when the accident happened to Jake. And because of that accident, he could no longer talk since his vocal chords was removed because it was severely damaged and irreparable. That is really hard. Not being able to talk forever. I would die if that happens to me. I would succumb to the dark side of life. I love to talk, as most of my friends already know. I could talk non-stop for hours and my throat would be hoarse after. So imagining that situation of Jake? A very hard change in life.

What I like about this book is that there's a real life lesson after finishing the book. It teaches us that drinking and/or getting high while driving is really NOT a very good idea. This shows how Jake tried to be better and not to give up. With the help of Sam, together they tried to overcome the trials put in their way.

This book really teared me up. I can't imagine all their problems. And I like how the people in the island support one another. It's really sweet they did that. I love how Jake's family are to one another. This book is heartwarming and makes me feel really blessed to have all my senses, my family, boyfriend and friends who'll always be there, all of the good things I have. And we should really not count the things we don't have because it will just make us feel depressed and all. Instead count the things WE DO HAVE as of the moment. :)

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Review: Immortal Hearts

Immortal Hearts
Immortal Hearts by Ellen Schreiber

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

For the closure I always want for the first books I have ever read...

Sooo... Finally. I'm done with this series. About time. The whole series is about a girl named Raven who's life ambition is to become a creature of the dark. A Vampire.

Raven Madison is a unique girl in her town. She wears whatever she wants, she's a goth lolita. :D Having her own uniqueness made her be named as the freak of the town. Monster-Girl as Trevor called her (it's just his endearment for her).

She met Alexander Sterling when she snucked inside the Mansion at the top of the hills. From then on, since Alexander exudes the mystery she craves, she asked and asked about him. Or whatever. Then she learned that Alexander is a vampire. Btw, their romance is insta-love. So yeah, whatever. I can't remember all that happened in the last 8 books of this series.

When they got together, she always nagged Alexander to make her a vamp to be a couple forever. So long story short, she finally got her wish in this book after all the obstacles they faced.

And about the Maxwell siblings? Ugh. Really, all it takes for them to behave was Athena aka Stormy to be the one who tell them off?! WTH?! She's only 15 or something and really. WTF.

The conflicts in here is really not that dramatic. Or action-packed. Just a few punches here and there. And voila, Vampire Kisses. ;D

Anyway, I don't like Raven that much. She's so whiny telling Alexander to make her a vampire. She didn't even consider her family's feeling. okay, maybe she did. But hey, you're not really thinking about it deeply than you should.

So yep, it was okay for a closure. 2 stars.

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Review: Fifty Shades of Grey

Fifty Shades of Grey
Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Fine. I'm giving in. Dan made me. :P

This is a bit hard to rate... I'll stick to honesty, as always. First few chapters, until chapter 7, made me feel mushy. I actually liked it then... But when Christian Grey introduced the Red Room of Pain... I started to have second thoughts. I'm wincing the entire time they are there. Fine, I'm okay with the tying up but hitting? A big fat NO.

Christian Grey said that he is NOT a Sadist but a Dominant. But as you go on the story, you'll read the part that "I want to hurt you." or that "I like hitting you." or something in that area. Uh, isn't that Sadism? The fact that he likes to hit you brought him pleasure. In my vocabulary, that's Sadism. If you remove about the BDSM parts (okay, I admit, it's not really that much), I would have swoon over Christian. I would gladly give this a five stars if only his circumstances is not a control freak as Ana always says.

I also admit that Grey is not really a Dom for that matter. Er, I know I haven't read a LOT of BDSM books and technically this is my second time reading a book about it... But I dunno. I don't think he's really a Dom. Sure he took care of Ana and all that. But I think he's just uh, manipulative and gets whatever he wants. Eh... I don't know...

Anastasia Steele, I wanted to hit her myself when she suddenly agreed to Grey. Think more before you agree with him. Don't just agree because you find him HOT and gorgeous and all that beautiful adjectives. And sometimes, her smart mind fails her with crappy choices.

I don't like the contract too. I feel like she's treated as a property although I know that it's not really like that. See why I don't really like BDSM? I can't obey ALL those rules. It will just make me feel collared. BUT I do admit that some of the scene is really erotic and affects me too. Again, I cringe with every scene in that Red Room which was I think 3 times only.

And that last part? I teared up a bit. I know how it feels when you are hit by a belt on your behind. I do. I really do, so that part was a bit hard for me to read. Cause it made me remember when I was hit there too when I was a child. It really effin' hurts. Don't get me wrong, I'm not abused by my parents. It's... yes, a form of punishment when I was a kid. I really don't like the hitting even though it's for pleasure or such. It's not right to be hit. :/ I know, you guys would or might argue with me that it's not. But well, that's my opinion. And that's yours. :)

I did enjoy some parts of the book. Like that Gliding. I enjoyed it and wanted to try it myself. Hehe. :P And what's with the inner goddess talk?! Makes me think she has multiple personality. :D

I'm tempted to give this book a two stars but well, since I have parts that I do enjoy it (like the emails!), three stars for Grey.

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