Review: Immortal Hearts

Immortal Hearts
Immortal Hearts by Ellen Schreiber

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

For the closure I always want for the first books I have ever read...

Sooo... Finally. I'm done with this series. About time. The whole series is about a girl named Raven who's life ambition is to become a creature of the dark. A Vampire.

Raven Madison is a unique girl in her town. She wears whatever she wants, she's a goth lolita. :D Having her own uniqueness made her be named as the freak of the town. Monster-Girl as Trevor called her (it's just his endearment for her).

She met Alexander Sterling when she snucked inside the Mansion at the top of the hills. From then on, since Alexander exudes the mystery she craves, she asked and asked about him. Or whatever. Then she learned that Alexander is a vampire. Btw, their romance is insta-love. So yeah, whatever. I can't remember all that happened in the last 8 books of this series.

When they got together, she always nagged Alexander to make her a vamp to be a couple forever. So long story short, she finally got her wish in this book after all the obstacles they faced.

And about the Maxwell siblings? Ugh. Really, all it takes for them to behave was Athena aka Stormy to be the one who tell them off?! WTH?! She's only 15 or something and really. WTF.

The conflicts in here is really not that dramatic. Or action-packed. Just a few punches here and there. And voila, Vampire Kisses. ;D

Anyway, I don't like Raven that much. She's so whiny telling Alexander to make her a vampire. She didn't even consider her family's feeling. okay, maybe she did. But hey, you're not really thinking about it deeply than you should.

So yep, it was okay for a closure. 2 stars.

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