2014: Books I'm Planning To Read

I've been hoarding errr buying lots of books. More than I could handle. But hey, all book lovers can totally relate to me. And there's never enough books one could own. ;) For this year, I've joined lots of Reading Challenges. Cause I really suck at reading the ARCs I got in NetGalley and Edelweiss. So yessss... here are some of the books I am so planning to read. One or two of em are already read. Woot! :)

NetGalley. This is not even half of my Galley. >.<

Edelweiss. Almost all of it are from HarperTeen. ^^,
I got a busy schedule this 2014. ;) Hopefully I can read this all. Since I might not be that busy this coming months in the office. Yay! 


Nyx said...

35 Lex! 35 ARCs and that's not even all of them apperently! Not to mention your paperback books lol. Good luck xD!

Alex Marquez said...

I want to say I've read the most of them... But that is me, lying. :D :D :D Thanks! :P

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