I’m Lex and I’m a book blogger from Philippines. I'm 23 years of age and by the way, some also calls me LEXIE. :) I have been a blogger (officially) for a year now. I enjoy reading Young Adult and New Adult books, whether it’s a Paranormal Romance or Dystopian or Contemporary. I also add books based on the covers. I know, I'm a cover slut but I just like--LOVE--pretty covers. I started reading Young Adult novels when Twilight came in to our book world. And then I can’t stop reading paranormal and dystopian books.

If I am not blogging, I'm watching TV series. I love to watch Paranormal kinds of series like Grimm (currently addicted to it), Arrow, Beauty and the Beast, Teen Wolf, Charmed (yep, I love the three Halliwell sisters!) and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. :P I’m also addicted to Sherlock of BBC, House M.D. and The Big Bang Theory Series, weird though because sometimes I just can't understand the terminologies used on Sherlock, House MD or TBBT, but I absolutely ADORE them. 

I like animes and mangas too. I read shoujo, shounen and YAOI type of mangas. I love reading NARUTO, ONE PIECE and FAIRY TAIL, all Shounen mangas. I cry because of them (mostly Naruto and One Piece). I like Japanese culture, love to listen to Japanese Rock especially the GazettE, like watching Korean Dramas and Variety shows. A fan of KPOP music and The Cab. Sometimes I do photography too. I want to be a photographer, but sadly I realized that one way too late. I’m a Computer Engineer graduate by the way.

You could definitely find me more in Goodreads, so here’s my Goodreads Account.