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Title: Banished From Grace (Banished From Grace #1)
Author: Aria Williams
Genre: New Adult, Paranormal Romance
Release Date: June 2013
Review Copy: From YA Bound (Blog Tour)
Blurb from Goodreads:
Nardia is a young woman who woke up in an abandoned building over four hundred years ago when the plague was sweeping England. It was at this time she discovered that she had a special gift. She could heal the sick with her bare hands. Fast forward to the present day she has not aged and has no recollection of who she is and why she can perform miracles.
Life should be easy for Nardia, she is young and beautiful and could get any man she wanted, she just didn’t expect for two wonderful men to show so much interest at the same time. Nardia is confused and worries that making the wrong choice between the men could have disastrous conquences . One of these men is deceitful and has his own agenda and has not told the truth from the moment they met.
Hmmm... Thank you for the opportunity to read this book! :) When I started reading it, I didn't really expect much. Yes, I'm intrigued with Nardia and her 'special gift' but what really made me want to read it was the mysterious guy.

If only I'm not distracted by some game in my tablet, I'll be able to finish this book in one sitting. It's just short and to be honest, I feel that the author expand it without the main idea. I mean, I feel like it was too focused on the fact that she can't decide whom she should be with. But with all those things considered, if I look at the bigger picture, it's actually good. It does have a good plot or idea. I like Angels and this particular one, in my opinion, is a very good idea of an Angel.

If the author could remove some of the unnecessary scenes and make the writing style better, then I'd give it a five stars. :) I do enjoyed reading it, but I did get annoyed at the ping-pong like scene of going from one man to the other. I mean, stick to one man, girl! And I'd rather you have the original one. I don't want you for that other guy. >.<

AND oh, why does it have to end like that? I want the second book. PRONTO. Give 'em to me! >.<

Will I read the second book? DEFINITELY YES. 
Will I recommend it to my friends? MAYBE. They're hard to give recommendations. They're too choosy. lol. Complicated. :P

3 e-book copies of Banished From Grace (INT)


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