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Love REVISITED Love REVISITED by Jannat Bhat
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

Okaaaay. The plot is surprisingly good. It's why I gave this a 3 stars even though I didn't like how some of it was grammatically incorrect. I mean, this was released way back 2017, right? But the copy I had was like it wasn't edited right. There's this scene where she's reading newspapers and I didn't understand one bit of it cause it was cut off. I'm not sure if that is intentional but yeah, I skipped that part cause I barely understand it or maybe it's because it's like that I didn't bother reading that part. *shrugs*

I didn't like how I keep on thinking that the characters are just a bunch of hormonal teenagers. They just gave off this vibe that they are teens when in actuality they are all 22 to 23 years old. You'd think they'll be a bit mature then but nope. So while that is that, I also keep picturing the adults (parents and Nathan) all under the age of 40. Especially Nathan. He's supposed to be somewhere 40 right? And so dad is supposed to be like maybe 60? BUT... No, they didn't seem to be in that age. IDK why I thought they are all so young. LOL.

ALSO! She already graduated from college (but yes keep thinking it's high school) and supposed to be 23 year old. But she was acting like a teen when her mom says they'd have to move to Beacon Hill. I'm Asian and at that age I lived with my parents, still. But this was weird. Like why are you going if you don't really want to? You're supposed to be an adult now. I do understand it was just the two of them but kind of weird that she'd think like that.

The good part was that it's actually entertaining enough for me to read all of this. It was fun if you ignore the grammar part which I know might be hard if you had a copy like mine. lol. The friends are fun too. Alex's dreamy. Yep. Same as my name. LOL.

It was worth the read, though. But yes, maybe the copy from Amazon is good. IDK. If it is, read it. It was a good read anyway.

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