hello and welcome! :)

Okay. So I've been back to blogger! Hello to me and hello to all of you! :) I joined blogger way way way back, I think when I was in my first year college days. It's been so long since I already graduated this year. :D 

So what am I doing here and writing this stuff (you reading it)? Well, I just want to share all the books I have read. I mean, reviews--well that is, if my writing skills permit me--about the books (mostly YA or Young Adult books) I have read. I would love to give you feedback on the said books, if it's any good or whatever. 

And maybe some personal rant? Uh, well, maybe, maybe not since I do have my Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter account to do the ranting there. :D

Oh! I haven't introduced myself yet. Hi! I'm lexiechan but you could just call me Alex. A 21 year old Filipina and a book lover. Bibliophile. Bookworm. Whatever you want to name it. Nice to meet you! :)


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