I'm still ALIVE!!!

Yes! I am still alive and kicking! LOL. I know I haven't been much on lately. Since I got work, it reduces my reading time greatly. :( and my internet time. So yes, I haven't been blogging every chance I got cause I'm checking FB, Twitter, Goodreads and SLEEPING a LOT. :( I'm so sorry. But things are a bit hectic.

I'm a slow reader so the books I was reading takes a long time for me to finish. >.< That's me and the one saying I am a slow reader are my friends. :/

Updates... I am listed to some of the upcoming blog tours though. I got one for Kelly Oram's Chameleon (Supernaturals #1) book. A new paranormal romance novel. And I am so excited for it! I love Kelly Oram's books! Check out Goodreads! I don't remember all of the blog tours I'm doing and that's the only blog tour I remember the name. Yes, memory loss. Lol.

In any case, will update soon enough after I finished my currently reading. I did finished Thorns by Kate Avery Ellison though days ago, just don't know what to really say about it yet so I'm finishing The Testing by Joelle Charbonneau first. :)

Till next post! :)


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