ARC Review: iD by Madeline Ashby

Title: iD (The Machine Dynasty #2)
Author: Madeline Ashby
Genre: Science Fiction, Cyberpunk
Release Date: 25th June 2013
Review Copy: NetGalley (Angry Robots)
Book Blurb from Goodreads:
Javier is a self-replicating humanoid on a journey of redemption. 
Javier's quest takes him from Amy's island, where his actions have devastating consequences for his friend, toward Mecha where he will find either salvation... or death. 
File Under: Science Fiction [ vN2 | Island in the Streams | Failsafe No More | The Stepford Solution ]

*I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you NetGalley and Angry Robots for the opportunity to read it.*

Don't you think this book is weird? lol.

I got so many issues with this book that I do not know where I should begin. I like the idea of robots. Of vN co-habiting with humans. Working as a nurse, gardener, teacher, etc. I like how they could think of their own but they could not even think of harming a human for it would 'failsafe' them. I think that is such a good idea since in the past, I have watched movies like Terminator, who harms humans because they started to think on their own. Failsafe is like a guarantee that robots, or vN rather, will NEVER hurt humans for they function to serve, protect, love and make them happy.

I get the story of the series. Of Amy's clade having a kind of failsafe glitch. Failsafe is an exemption to Portia and Amy. Of Amy being a vN who thinks of her fellow vN to have some sort of freedom. In this certain book though, the past was revealed. Sort of. And the main protagonist in this story is Javier.

So it was all Javier's thoughts, past, actions, we are seeing. Reasons why he do what he did. I kinda like that the author change POV. From Amy for the first book, to Javier in second. It's a good knowing what were his thoughts.

So, what I didn't like about this book?

1. It's a bit boring in the first part.
2. All Javier thinks of is getting Amy's panties down. It's like, every single time they're together he's asking to f**k her. >_<
3. It's all 'F**KING' in this book. F**king as in sex, f**king as in curse.
4. I don't like that it was said that Amy is just a kindergartner a year ago (which is true in the first book), and then for this second book, Javier wanted to f**k her. Please! I mean, I know what kind of vN he is. But still, this does not seem right. It's like pedophilia but then again, Javier is like 4 years old only. I know the norms does not apply to robots (vN) but still. WEIRD.
5. I hate that one moment, someone from Javier's sons or himself, speaks Spanish AND IT WAS NEVER TRANSLATED TO ENGLISH. How would I know what they said?! I'm not a Spanish speaker. I do understand PUTA though. Cause I curse using that word sometimes. Yeah, got Spanish terms here in the Philippines too.
6. I can't even categorize this book to Young Adult because of the language used and the actions shown. I can't even say it's a New Adult or Adult book because of the age of the characters. That does not seem right to any option.

Guess that's it? Oh wait, did I ever told you it really is weird that even male vN iterates which in a simple word means, pregnant? lol. And the book also shows... male to male sex. WTF right? Well, I'm actually not against MM, I love MM. But I'm not reading a Male to Male book, in the first place. If I want to read books like that, I'd turn to my Yaoi mangas.

I am not trying to degrade this book, it might not just be my preference. I do admit I am weird so I got weird tastes sometimes. I'm just trying my best to say what is on my mind as honestly as I could.

Did I enjoy some part of the book? YES.
Did I enjoy the book, overall? NOT SO MUCH. It just kind of dragged.
Will I recommend it to some friends? MAYBE. But to only those who got a strong stomach, doesn't mind the word 'f**king' every now and then, can somehow understand Spanish and who is a bit techy.

It might just be me. You might like it better than I do. So please don't judge the book because you read my review. Good luck and hope you'll have a fun time reading ahead of you! :)



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