Review: I Am Grimalkin

I Am Grimalkin
I Am Grimalkin by Joseph Delaney

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Whoa. A story told by a kick-ass assassin Grimalkin! It brings the reader in me back in the funk. :D Although some of her story was already told in the books before this one and especially the Grimalkin's Tale, this story will really make you grip the edge of your seat.

Grimalkin is a powerful Witch Assassin and a Dark Witch to boot. In this book, Tom Ward doesn't really appear much. Just once. And this is really a great book. You'll see a side of Grimalkin that has never been seen or maybe once. When she bore the child of the Fiend.

OH! Grimalkin trained a girl to be her successor! I love her name! Thorne. As I've scanned the Table of Contents before I read it, there's this chapter titled; Grimalkin Does Not Cry. When I read that, I know someone close would die. 

Too many people had die in this book. In the hands of the Fiend's servants and of Grimalkin's. I read it until the last where there's a short interview to the author, Joseph Delaney. The series was almost finished. Maybe just one more book or two. I was bummed by this series (back when I'm reading Spook's Destiny) cause it's just sooooo long. But knowing it will soon end, I'm having a mix feeling about it.

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