Review: Spook : Slither's Tale

Spook : Slither's Tale
Spook : Slither's Tale by Joseph Delaney

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Warning: Contained unmarked spoilers. Too lazy to edit it out.

First of all, the book is not that scary unless I go and imagine it all at night. Yeah, I'm sooooo brave in the morning to afternoon. :D Second, as I've mentioned in my status, I keep on thinking about Beauty and the Beast. I know, gross but well, with Slither and Nessa being a bit chummy... One might think that it's like that. But I guess its not and if it is... Uh, gross much??

Third, Grimalkin... Have I ever mentioned I really like her even though she's a dark witch? I did? In I Am Grimalkin? Well, that's just cause SHE'S SO FREAKIN' AWESOME and KICKASS. I expected Grimalkin to show in here cause of someone saying that he read a review about Grimalkin being great which is totally true. But honestly, I forgot about her when I started reading this. I was absorbed by Slither's Tale.

Slither is a Kobalos. Er, in a normal language (Lol at that), he's a monster pluck out of your nightmare. But he's a... honorable one. He honors the trade, the promise Old Rowler made with him which made him a bit okay but still monster. :p

Oh! I had this idea when I was reading the book, I just know that Grimalkin would help Nessa once she's been sold. What I didn't expect was she'll turn Nessa! I mean, I should have know since she did that when they faced the Homo--uh, something, LMAO! It's HAGGENBROOD!!! and fight side by side. But my mind was set to thinking that Nessa would be sold and Grimalkin would COME and save her to reunite with Nessa's sister. So I was shocked like Slither.

A GOOD ONE! NICE Grimalkin!!! Liking you better than Tom Ward now. LOL. :P And finally! I catch up with the latest book! I'm so proud of myself! Aren't you, Glam and JP?! :D

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