I'm on a short hiatus! But I just want to greet you all a very Happy Christmas!!!!

I have received a lot of gifts already and yes, I did opened them too. :P I'm one impatient girl. Can't handle not opening gifts even if it is not mine. LOL. We did secret santa with my family within the office and one within my team. ;) I got the things I wished for.

David Palubon (FormOps Family) got me my wish! The latest book of Mitch Albom, The First Phone Call from Heaven and two sharpie pens!!! One silver (I absolutely adore it!) and one bronze (should have requested for Gold instead of Bronze. LOL. But either way, I love them all! :)
The First Phone Call From Heaven by Mitch Albom. Sharpie Pens from David!!! :)
From my Team, Marvin Yordan gave me a mini planner and set of pens! YAY!! :)
Pens and Mini Planner from exchange gift within our Team! 
T. Gretz got me Ferrero Rocher. It made me so giddy with joy! :D
Ferrero Rocher Collection!!!!
My other officemates got me pens, notepads, kisses (chocolates) and mamon cups. Hehe. 
From Mai-Mai
From Jonas

 My mom gave me perfumes. I dunno what kind yet since I haven't opened it yet. :P
Elizabeth Arden Collection
My boyfriend, Marco, gave me books!!! YEAH! Read that one right! BOOKS! The Heroes of Olympus series books! :D Loved it! YAY!!! :)))))
Heroes of Olympus Set! Plus pens from my Babe. <3
I'm still waiting for other gifts. lol. But not hoping. ;) What about you? What gifts did you get this Christmas? ^^


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