Book Expo America (BEA) 2014

Disclaimer: I'm in no way an associate of Book Expo America. I'm not paid in whatsoever amount or way. I'm doing this because I want to and it is voluntarily. 

BEA. Book Expo America. As a book lover, it is one of my dreams to attend this infamous event in the US. One that I wish - every single year - that I live in New York. Once or twice a year, I dream of being born in New York, living in that place. Sadly, I live in the other side of the world, Philippines.

What is BEA or Book Expo America? Taken from their site:
BookExpo America (BEA) is the #1 book and author event that offers the book industry access to new titles, authors, and education about the publishing industry. BEA is the best place to discover new titles and upcoming books and meet face to face with favorite and up and coming authors. It is a dynamic environment for networking, sourcing, and relationship building in the publishing industry in North America. BEA offers four event-packed days, 500+ authors, hundreds of new titles, 1,000+ exhibitors, and four Author Stages, along with the Digital Discovery Zone (D2Z) brought to you by IDPF.

BEA is also now open to the public on the last day so book fans from around the world can gather to discover new books, meet authors, attend genre-based book and author discussions and special events, and enjoy being with other book lovers.
As I have said, I would love to go there because of all those books and authors I haven't met yet. I wish to go there but I know that right now it is impossible. What with the plane tickets, VISA, tickets for BEA, hotel rooms, foods, pocket money to buy books, etc, etc. Sigh. I really wish I live in US! I feel like crying every time BEA is almost here. :( 

Anyway, I know I'm early telling you all this but hey, when it came to BEA, the earlier the better. For this year, Book Expo America will be held on May 28th to 31st. Here's their list of complete schedule: click me. Also they got this Power Reader Day on May 31st at Javits Center, New York City. They sell the tickets for $30. And they got this awesome deal, Special Power Reader Day Group Discounts. Register here.

If you bring your friends with you, you'll get discounts! Ain't it cool?! 
10% off for Groups of 3 or more
15% off for Groups of 5 or more
20% off for Groups of 10 or more!
To avail the group discounts, just call their Customer Service at 1-800-840-5614. 

To register for the event, Click this link for their Register Now

There are lots of helpful links in the BEA site. Like this First Time To BEA. Check their FAQs too, it might come in handy. Floor Plan can also be accessed so you could see where your favorite publishers are located.

Sooooo... What are you waiting for?! As early as May 15th, you could register! :) I sincerely hope you'll have a good time (in my behalf if you don't mind) and hoard LOTS of books!!! Get those books autographed! ENJOY!!! 


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