Goodreads Integration with the Old Kindle Paperwhite

Anyone have Kindle Paperwhite here? Well, you read that title right. Goodreads and Amazon finally integrated the Goodreads App with the 2013 Kindle Paperwhite. This is for the first generation of Paperwhite. As we all know, the 2014 version of Kindle Paperwhite or the 2nd Gen PW, already have this integration. I was thinking of buying the new version of it but I thought that my kindle is still working, and it's relatively new (bought it just months ago after the newer version came out). So I don't see why do I need to buy another one when my stuff is pretty good and still look new. Plus, I'd rather buy paperbacks than buy a newer model.

Believe me, as much as I am in love with my Kindle Paperwhite -- I named it Kieran, by the way -- I don't see why I need to buy another and yes, I'd rather buy new paperbacks to keep and smell whenever I want. You wouldn't want to smell the device. I tried. It smell electronics. LOL. Nothing beats smelling the paper of books.

Anyway, as a first generation Paperwhite owner, I am yet to have the Goodreads app integration. So... My friend, Ornella, told us yesterday that, we--first generation owners--finally could have Goodreads on our Kindles. Did I immediately update it once I've learnt of it? The answer is NO. I waited like.... 1 hour or so? LMAO.

I waited for Ella to give me feed backs about it. She was currently updating hers when she told us. I wouldn't want to update and then regret it later when I didn't end up liking it.

So I bugged her, asked her how does it look. What are the things she liked about the update. Then she told me that the new look messed up her Kindle. Like the Collections are mixed with Cloud and On Device. We're OCD freaks. I don't think any reader is NOT ONE. So that said, we want our Kindles and it's books organized thoroughly. And anything that messed it up will receive our curse and a long a$$ed letter. *laughs evilly* 

Did she like the Goodreads integration? Yes. She said she does like it. Shoot me a comment, Ella, if it's the other way around. Lol.

So there you go. I did update mine. Was freaking out before the integration. lol. My bf was like "are you going to update it or not?" And I was like "I want to have the Goodreads thingy but friends says that the collection became messy... I don't know." In the end, yes I did it. I updated it manually, download the manual update here. Just follow the instructions in there. Take a deep breathe. Ask yourselves, "Do I really want it?" lol.

Because in the end of the day, I regretted my decision to update mine. I wish that I hadn't. So many things you can't do. They tell us that after you finished a book, you could post the ratings you gave in Goodreads and Amazon (it will be automatically saved for the both sites) but noooo. If you have the retail copy maybe but if you have the ARC ones, then no. I haven't tried it with retail copies yet. And one more, I can't even share the quotes I wanted to share. >.< Ugh. Again, maybe because I was reading an ARC and not the retail copy of the book.

So yes... Ask yourselves if you really wanted it. If you do, then go ahead. If not, then wait until people says it's good and that all books whether retail or ARC ones, you can share the quotes or ratings after reading them to both Amazon and Goodreads.


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