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Together with my forever Stalkee, +Deniz of Closet Geeks and Slow Mo, we are doing an ARC Challenge!!! :) Deniz and I were talking about ARCs earlier. I was jealous of her because she got to read her ARCs while I'm reading other books. lol. And I just want to diminish my NetGalley and Edelweiss ARCs before this year ends.

So we came up with this challenge. We will read two ARCs per week. Or one ARC, as long as we read and review one of them. It's good. Come and join us for this challenge! I probably will be continuing this until next year. LMAO. Yeah, that's how huge my Galleys are. >_<

Comment below if you'll be joining us. So we could head over your blog and see what you have. ;)

This is what I'm reading this week. :) Already reading Accidentally In Love With... A God for quite some time now. :P


I'll update you all every Sunday, like Deniz. And I will also link up her read ARCs and reviews. ;) For this week, I'll be reading this two. :) I'm actually currently reading the other one right now. Lol. :P




Ellie @ Ellie Reads Ficiton said...

I will join you for this challenge :) I will try to read at least one ARC (two will be impossible for me at the moment). So, last week I finished The Devil's Reprise by Karina Halle and I will be posting my review some time this week. Currently I am reading another ARC, Sleigh Bells in the Snow and I hope to finish it and to review it this week.

Alex Marquez said...

Ellie!!! I didn't know you got blogger! :o Need to follow you!!! :) And glad you could join us do this challenge! Yay!! If you finished and review a book, link back it to us so we could check yours. ;) And totally adding you to my list of fave blogs! :)

Ellie @ Ellie Reads Ficiton said...

I saw you joined Review Pile Challenge for 2014. It doesn't mean you are giving up this, right? I published a review of an ARC, Crash into You by Katie McGrarry but I am counting it in this week's challenge since I finished it a few weeks ago. I also wanted to ask how to link my reviews - I will publish a post on Sunday with a link to this post :)

Alex Marquez said...

Nope, it does not. :) That is for 2014. This is for the last part of 2013. I'll post on Sunday and you could place your link there. :) I'll share the post with you. :)

Reviews from a Book Worm said...

I will try to take part! I'm trying to read 1 ARC a week =D But I want to reread The Hunger Games trilogy before the movie, so that will cut into ARC time.

Alex Marquez said...

Woot! Thanks for joining! You could add your link above. I will do the same again on Sunday. :) And no worries! I'm actually worried I can only read 1 ARC this week. lol. so many books so little time. :P

Alex Marquez said...

Hi Ellie! I have added a link above so you could put your link there and we could go to your blog easily. :) Will do the same thing on Sunday. :)

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