ARC Review: Addicted To You by Krista & Becca Ritchie

Title: Addicted To You [Addicted #1]
Series: Addicted Series
Author: Krista & Becca Ritchie
Genre: New Adult, Contemporary Romance, Abuse
Release Date: 22nd August 2013
Rating:  (4.5 stars)
Review Copy: NetGalley
Book Blurb:
She’s addicted to sex. He’s addicted to booze…the only way out is rock bottom.
No one would suspect shy Lily Calloway’s biggest secret. While everyone is dancing at college bars, Lily stays in the bathroom. To get laid. Her compulsion leads her to one-night stands, steamy hookups and events she shamefully regrets. The only person who knows her secret happens to have one of his own.
Loren Hale’s best friend is his bottle of bourbon. Lily comes at a close second. For three years, they’ve pretended to be in a real relationship, hiding their addictions from their families. They’ve mastered the art of concealing flasks and random guys that filter in and out of their apartment.
But as they sink beneath the weight of their addictions, they cling harder to their destructive relationship and wonder if a life together, for real, is better than a lie. Strangers and family begin to infiltrate their guarded lives, and with new challenges, they realize they may not just be addicted to alcohol and sex.
Their real vice may be each other.

*I received an advance reader's copy from publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

adhfksdhfkldhfksdhfklsdhfklshdfa. I don't know. I don't know what to say or react after finishing this book in two days. You have to know that I'm not really a fan of abuse (in all kinds) cause I tend to hate the characters and their flaws. I agree, it's called flaws for a reason. But for me, their flaws are just like a reason. It's a way for escape, it's a bad choice. A really, really, really bad one. 
“Absolutely not. You can’t taint natural genius.” He pauses. “Have you tried it? It may work for you.”
I should maybe do a WHAT I LIKED and WHAT I DON'T LIKED here to see better. I mean understand better. 

WHAT I LIKED: I love the characters. All of them. Well, okay, I love the main ones - Lo, Lily, Rose, Connor and Ryke. The last two guys I enumerated... I'm in love with them. LOL. I love the witty things Connor spouts. He's intelligent and that is so smexy. Ryke on the other hand, is a dangerous kind of guy. BUT in all that those two are way attached to Lo and Lily. I love how even if Connor is wicked rich like those two, he is someone who has a good heart. He and Ryke really cares for Lily and Lo. 
“Do you think I’m too dumb to notice that you just called me an idiot or do you just not care?” Lo asks.
“Honestly,” Connor says, “I don’t care.”
As for the story, it shows us that it is real. One might not readily admit that they are an alcoholic or a sex addict but it is true and it is happening somewhere. I get that. I really do. For the first part, I kept wondering "Why it happened? How did they became like that?" I know. I know that if I read further on I'll get my answers. I was hoping to get it much sooner. But I don't know, at the back of my mind, I was thinking I might not get the answers I want. Krista and Becca might withhold it to me. LOL. And so I kept on reading.

Some of the things happened in the story that I did not fully expect. Actually, one of them were the two guys, Connor and Ryke. They just barged in in Lo and Lily's life. I love their roles into the two addicts' lives. I can honestly say that I don't have any bore moments over this book (hello! I read it in two days straight! I even withhold watching TV series so I could finish it. :P).

WHAT I DON'T LIKED: I guess what I don't like will always be the choices the characters made. Even though I know that is not their fault entirely. And that they are created that way to prove to all the readers that this happens. That once you become an addict, it's hard to stay away. That you crave it so much that it destroys not only you but also your family and friends.

The indecisiveness... I sometimes hate it when people are so indecisive - hypocrite I am, maybe, cause I do that too from time to time - I mean you said you'll do this, promise it, swear it, give your word but then you'll do exactly the opposite of it. I kinda hate it. Especially if it's something major, like life altering major. I only do indecisiveness for small things, like "Should I buy this book? But it's expensive... But I really want it." Like that. lol.

I also know that this is really not the authors fault. So the "What I don't liked" part of my review is purely the story. Did you get it? lol. I mean, I'll give the authors 5 stars for how they have written it. I guess because they are bloggers/reviewers first before publishing books. They know the ins and outs of reviewing. So they know what are the things we readers are looking for. What our weaknesses are.

On the other hand, I'd give 5 stars for the characters. I like them. How they are created, how realistic they are. But I'd give 4 for the characters' choices. The main MCs' choices in life, I mean. I know that that is not really how you should review a book, but hey, this is what I want. LOL. :P And I can not really, fully explain WHY it is like that. Just... KUDOS to Krista and Becca Ritchie! :)
“You’ll make an A in econ when I piss glitter, but if you feel confident about it, that’s what matters.” 
Did I ever mentioned that I love Connor's witty remarks? Isn't it obvious? Most of the quotes I have here are from him. :P Anyway, about to read Ricochet next! :)



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