Book Review: Origins by Jessa L. Gilbert (Black Novel #1)

Title: Origins (Black Novel #1)
Author: Jessa L. Gilbert
Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal,  mild sexual situations,
Release Date: August 07, 2012 (got it from the Author, ARC)
Book Blurb from Goodreads:

Red pain, Red desire, Red need, Red hunger…

I have been plagued by the same dream for months now. A nightmare filled with red, dripping with death, where I am the hunter. There is no escape, no end in sight…. The nightmare has become a reality and I am forced with a choice – I can become one with the darkness that lives within that is clamoring, clawing to escape, or I can bury the demon, and the nightmares, once and for all.

It may seem like an easy choice, but not when I also have to choose between the father who has raised me or a mother whom I have thought was dead. Not when the choice is my humanity or Immortality….

Aided by a dark mysterious stranger, a hidden world is opened up to Adelin - a world full of bloodlust and death - the Black world of Immortals. Torn between the two, she faces the hardest decision she's ever had to make. Will she choose the safe, familiar life she has always known? Or will she let the darkness consume her?
In all honesty, I don't know how to begin reviewing this book. I'm speechless. As of now, you all know I'm a very big fan of Young Adult Paranormal book. So you must know that I also want to read something that's not the same as the other book I've read.

Origins gave me that difference from a book. It's not a vampire story, like the books I've read. It also not the same in The Immortals by Alyson Noel where they need to drink the 'red juice' that was made from experimenting ingredients. This book, Origins, was about Immortals and Adelin can choose whether or not she'll be one of the Immortals OR remain human. 

Plot: Not the typical paranormal story, IMO. Cause it's a mix. Well, maybe there's books that are somehow in the same plot, but I haven't read that yet so I don't know. The plot was great! I like how the author, Gilbert made the MC to have a choice about whether she'll stay human or be one of the Immortals. I know most of the paranormal books have to choose that. But this one's a special case. Since I can't really tell you why, you just have to wait for this book to come out and buy it from Amazon. :) Anyway, Origins is also a bit creepy. It's written in different point-of-views and it's creepy when you are inside of a predator's mind. For me, it really is a good plot. A+ if I'll grade it. ;)

Characters: I love the characters, especially the guys. ;) And no, Mel, I'm not taking any dibs. :P What I like about Adelin is (just as the author said) not the damsel in distress type, can stand up on her own but not the type of like Rose in VA. And she needed to choose between Immortality or staying with her Dad. THAT is hard to choose. It's like choosing who you like best, Mom or Dad? When you both love them much. 

Vraiden is cocky, scary and funny (IMO). He's also incredibly sexy. lol! Okay, enough of that part. I like how Vraiden goes to a change. I don't really like him at the first cause, um, he can be quite scary (as I've said). And oh, sadistic too. *shudders* But yes, (a one-time spoiler, or maybe it's not really a spoiler) he changed. That's why I started to like him. 

Lucien, I... I really can't say anything about him that can't spoil the book. >_< I'll just go with Gilbert's decription of Luc. :) 

"How do we do this? Do I have to bite you?" I ask, squirming uncomfortably at the thought of doing so.
"Why, do you want to? If so, by all means go right ahead. I doubt I'd mind much," he laughs. "No, no biting. You watch too many movies."

Overall: Did I said that I love this book? Not yet? Well, I absolutely love it! I picked up this book because I know the author and because I was hooked by the teasers she had on her website. I wanted to know what happened to Adelin after reading the first full Chapter of Origins in Jessa's site. And when she announced that she's looking for Beta Reader, I immediately applied for it. And I'm not regretting anything since it's really worth my time in reading this book. After reading the entire thing, I was kind of shocked because the ending of this book is something that I really didn't expect will happen. And I can't wait to get my hands on the book and the second book! 

To know more about Origins, I did an interview with the author, Jessa L. Gilbert. Please check it out in here: Author Interview: Jessa L. Gilbert (Origins - Black #1).

Can't wait for the full book! :) Stay tuned! 


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