Filipino Friday [1]

WOW! This is so cool! Just come across it in a fellow filipino blogger I've been stalking, er, following. And I want to join too since I'm a fellow Filipino and a book lover. :) This would be my first ever con, a Filipino Con. Excited much!

School of Reading. We all started reading somewhere, and more often than not, we were influenced by someone. Who got you into reading? Your parents? A friend? A librarian? One teacher who always lends out his/her books? How helpful was your school in helping your reading habit / fueling your book addiction?

I guess I started reading, I mean really read was back in 2004 or 2005. My younger brother was in the hospital getting a heart surgery. I was visiting and keeping him company, I was bored to death. My Aunt and cousin visited us, bringing a lot of Tagalog Pocketbooks and Britney Spears' book. So even though I really don't like reading AT ALL then AND they gave me tagalog pocketbooks, like the PHR ones, which I totally didn't like back then, I started reading. And guess what? I like it! I love it! I was hooked! So from then on, I collected pocketbooks, read Danielle Steel's books, some Harlequins. I even met PHR authors and became close friends with three of them namely, Sonia Francesca, Keene Alicante and Sofia.

And then I met TWILIGHT. I know! I'm one of those TwiHards back then! But well, now, I'm not. :P I branch out, I became addicted to Young Adult books, I craved for YA books. I still occasionally read Tagalog books, but if you'll ask me if I read Bob Ong's, the answer is NO, I have not. I didn't get it. I tried reading it. But I didn't get it. :(

My college library have lots of Fiction books, I really like going to library cause I like the smell of books. Yes, I smell the book, love the smell of the paper. :P I often borrow books there so yep, the library really helps my addiction. ;)


guiltlessreading said...

i love the smell of books too :)

Ira said...

I used to be a TwiHard fan too... and I guess being one helped me into digging YA books. So for that, thank you Twilight! :)))) Hi I'm a Filipino too ;)

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