Book Review: The Claiming Words by Tricia Drammeh

Title: The Claiming Words
Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal, Demon, Magic
Release Date: October 6th, 2012
Book Blurb:
The Claiming Words is the first book in a new fantasy series for Young Adults and is scheduled for release by Iconic Publishing in Autumn 2012.
When Jace moves to Oaktree, he attracts the interest of everyone in school, but only one girl captures his attention, or maybe two. Alisa is an outcast, but when she saves Jace from a Hunter, she finds herself drawn into a world of friendship and magic. Rachel has always felt different from everyone she grew up with until an encounter with the new student illustrates how unique she is. As dangerous forces descend upon the small southern town, each girl shares a special connection with Jace. Only one will win his love.
The Claiming Words left me speechless. In all honesty, I was having doubts if I would like it but when I started reading it, I was sucked into the world of Demons, Hunters, Magic and Warriors. I was like, holy crap! I was grinning from ear to ear, I feel like an idiot smiling to myself. It is all worth it!

This book was written from two POVs. Alisa and Rachel. If I will choose who I liked the most, it'll be Alisa. I really like her. Her character really develops slowly but surely. She was an outsider, lonely, no friends, her cousin Becky makes it her life mission to ruin Alisa, making her insecure about herself. I like how she grows to be confident though there's still sometimes where her insecurities were coming up. It's never easy to fully removed your insecurities. And I like how Alisa became bad-ass in her sparring session. 

Rachel... Rachel is okay. I didn't really like her that much, yes, she's kind, nice, but I don't know. Maybe because I'm more on the action side? And Rachel has a gift too, a Witch, I like hand-to-hand combat more than psychic powers. What I liked about Rachel was she also changed, she ditched Becky and she helps Alisa with Becky problems. 

I like Bryce more than Jace. Even though Bryce was not always in the picture cause he's in training away from home, I really looked forward to seeing him again and you don't know how much my cheeks hurt because of grinning when Alisa and Bryce started e-mailing each other. I was like, why don't you guys used YM for instant messaging?! *laughs* and Jace was kinda boyish and nice. I think I really dig, sarcastic and had a bad boy image guy. 

Bryce changed dramatically too. I mean, first he's like a volcano that always waiting for the right time to erupt. But then things started to change for him and Alisa. And they're kinda fast in their, ya know. Yeah. Okay. I'll keep my mouth shut.

Eh, I really like it. I can't say much, I already revealed some things that I probably shouldn't have. *wince* Overall, I like the concept, the characters, the plot was okay too though there's some areas I'm kinda confused but it's really good. I really enjoyed it. But there are still lots of unanswered questions that hopefully, the answers would be in the next book. I just wish that the author just did one POV cause in my opinion Alisa's way better than Rachel. But anyhow, I still enjoyed it.


Alisa said...

WOW... a 4 star book with an AWESOME character named Alisa too? LOL. I'm in!

Lexie said...

I actually feel kinda weird when I read it. Cause I keep remembering you. :P Yes! Alisa is totally awesome for me. :)

Tricia Drammeh said...

Thanks again for reviewing my book, Lexie. I've been keeping up with your blog. It's very well done.

Lexie said...

Thank you Tricia! It's an honor to read your book. :)

Michelles Paranormal Vault Of Books said...

Great review, I am a new follower with GFC. I am thinking on doing a review for this book, so your review has helped me decide if I should. I like magical, well, paranormal books in general, and this does sound like one i will like.
If you want, come by and visit me at my blog
Michelle’s Paranormal Vault of Books

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