Movie Review: The Amazing Spiderman (2012)

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Soooo... Spiderman. The Amazing Spider-Man. I just watched it today, July 1, 2012 with my boyfriend. We are ahead of USA 'cause it will be shown in there on July 3. And the movie was shown here in the Philippines last June 29, 2012. :)

Um, so... I love this movie. There are NO BORING MOMENTS, IMO. I laughed at the comedy scenes. We all laughed at it. Personally, I got teary-eyed when Uncle Ben died (This is not a spoiler since we all know that Uncle Ben is dead in the past Spider-Man), it's just sad to see Peter. Cause I think he blames himself for the death of Uncle Ben. 

"You know, touching myself."
"What? You gonna tell me you're touching yourself?"
"No, of course not. I can't tell you that."

LOL! I laughed at that one. :P Okay, I'm getting side-tracked. I really don't know how to make a Movie Review. I'm not really a movie critic so I just go to what I like about it. Did I already said that I love the movie? NO? I ABSOFREAKINLUTELY LOVE THE MOVIE! 

It is definitely worth your TIME and MONEY. And the title says it all. AMAZING!!! I would definitely go see it again if I have enough money. :) GO and WATCH THE MOVIE!! IT will make you laugh, get teary-eyed, it will shock you at some scenes. I almost jumped out of my seat when something came out unexpectedly. :P 

So, go and watch it! Don't go downloading the movie from torrent, you should watch it first in the big screen then download the movie. ;)

Btw, the story is like Spider-Man meets Godzilla. :D


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