Book Review: Touching Smoke by Airicka Phoenix (Touch Series #1)

Title: Touching Smoke (Touch Series #1)
Author: Airicka Phoenix
Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal
Release Date: July 31st, 2012
Book Blurb from Goodreads:

For sixteen-year-old FALLON BRAEDEN, being on the run had always been a mystery, until the day she starts an earthquake and everything falls apart. Suddenly, she finds herself hunted by creatures with unusual abilities, haunted by a ghost baring a frighteningly familiar resemblance and falls in love with the last person she should ever give her heart to. So as her foundation crumbles beneath her, Fallon finds herself teetering on the brink of two devastating revelations: follow her heart or save the world.
Book Trailer for Touching Smoke:

Now, where to start? Hmmm... Got this from the author herself. Thank you, Airicka for this advance copy! :)

Touching Smoke, I know that it's a YA book and a Paranormal one. I've read the blurb when I first encountered it but since my memory is not that good I forgot about the blurb. BUT I somehow know that it's not Vampires. Maybe I was expecting Faeries or something. Boy, I was wrong. 

Plot: The plot is something I haven't read. I mostly read paranormal stuffs like Vampires and werewolves, faeries, warlocks, magic, etc. This book is about a girl who was genetically engineered by a madman. She was created. BUT then I thought she really is a vampire. Why? She drank blood! That's why! The pace was okay. It's not slow and not fast. Just normal. But still I wish Fallon's mom answered all her questions and explain it to her personally. Even though she wanted to protect Fallon that's why she lie and keeps secret. Honestly, that's kind of irritating. I understand Fallon's feelings about that.

Characters: I don't like Fallon's mom that much. Yes, She's keeping Fallon safe by not telling her anything but seriously that's kind of wrong thinking. What? "what you don't know wouldn't hurt you?" Maybe, but then again, what they have was a life-or-death situation. And I believe Fallon is in the right age to know about herself.

Fallon, hmm... is kind of whiny. Well, okay, I understand where she's coming from but seriously, I just wish she gave an ultimatum or something to her mom so that her she would tell her past. If I'm in her situation, I'm gonna go crazy about not knowing anything. But thankfully, she became, somehow, kick-ass in the latter part of the book.

Isaiah. So freaking mysterious at first. uh... I don't know how to describe him since I'm not really good at that but all I could say is he's superhuman. >_< And he's connected to Fallon, they are 'soulmate' as the book blurb said.

Btw, I keep on remembering Sadie-chan in the anime, One Piece because of Maia. She's like a sadistic bad girl in the book. LOL! And she's always wearing spandex. :D almost like the anime girl. :P

Overall: I liked it, I actually read it in one sitting. If one sitting means the whole day, then Yes. And for me, it's not predictable. I have my own theories while reading it earlier but it doesn't happen. LOL! So good job, Airicka! :) Go and read this book you might be surprised that you'll like it. :)


Airicka Phoenix is a YA paranormal romance writer. As the second youngest of four, she spent most of her time lost in her own daydreams, immersing herself in the ever changing world of books, magic and mystery. Her love of romance blossomed at the age of eight when she single-handedly rewrote the entire Beauty and the Beast novel; she’s been hooked ever since. There isn’t a story she won’t write, spending hours scribbling down all the ideas practically leaking from her ears. Her plots and characters may change, but her love for mystery, suspense and unexpected twists never will.The road ahead, a mystery. The road behind, a memory. The road right now, unpredictable! Follow Airicka as she takes every turn, curve and bump with the same passion and excitement as a kid at Christmas.


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